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While you are waiting for your hair to re-grow, there is also a way to significantly improve the look of thinning hair, by concealing balding patches and thinning hair. This inexpensive, simple to use, non-invasive treatment will leave you with a fuller-looking head of hair in under a minute. Scientia Hair Fibers are a temporary way to get a full head of hair that people will genuinely think is your own natural hair. keranique reviews These fibers are tiny strands of pure, organic keratin (the same stuff that your hair is actually made from) which attach themselves to your existing hair using static electricity. The keratin fibres naturally blend invisibly with your existing hair, and there is no need to worry about any leakage, running or staining from the fiber colors. These fibers are designed to resist wind, rain and sweat so you never have to worry about anyone noticing them. Applying the fibers is easy; simply sprinkle them onto your hair in the morning and the keratin fibers will last all day, until you choose to wash them away with your normal shampoo. This is an ideal way of covering thinning and balding areas of the head while waiting for your natural hair growth patterns to be restored.

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