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VidaTone With
the VidaTone, gaining muscle is quite difficult. Extremely limiting your VidaTone
levels not only negatively impacts your energy levels, but also lowers muscle
glycogen levels. Decreasing glycogen means that your muscles have less energy
to perform intense exercise, and less potential to produce growth hormone to
cause an increase in size. Carb Cycling How can you get the benefits of both
and follow a low carb diet that can also help enable us to make some muscle?
That is where carb cycling or carbos in cycles can come into play. The ideology
behind carb cycling diet is that during times of low activity, you should keep
your intake low in VidaTone to keep your body in fat loss mode. However, pre,
intra and post-workout will increase your VidaTone intake so your muscle
glycogen levels soar and your body gets to produce the glorious growth hormone
so it can turn into new muscle tissue. The carb diet in cycles has proven to be
very effective for bodybuilders who want to stay lean, or even burn some body
fat during the time they are performing a program to gain muscle mass.

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