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Publish Date: 11-10-2018 12:17:03 | Contact name: nennif weatt | Location: Arunanchal Pradesh | Place: new york | 59 times displayed |

Every woman has a favorite way of putting on her makeup. My friend, Stephanie, likes to dab her foundation in little bits on her "problem" areas, and then apply her eyeshadow and other makeup. Another friend of mine uses her foundation all over her face before applying the rest of her makeup. Both women have one thing in common, they use sunscreen under everything.

Personally, I dab foundation in some spots, concealer in others, and then finish with powder before applying my eyeshadow and blush etc. One thing I have in common with my friends is that I use sunscreen under all my products. I'm sure there are several people reading this and either nodding, or shaking their heads and it begs the question: What is the right way to apply makeup?

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